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Luxury Desert Safari in Dubai – Enjoy Dubai

Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Camping Safari

Travel through Dubai’s most important nature reserve in a historic Land Rover, stay in an authentic Bedouin camp and enjoy the culture and local tradition. A trip back in time to Dubai’s past.

Extend your legacy experience with Dubai desert safari camping experience. Take a step back in time and experience Dubai as it was 50 years ago.

No other vehicle offers a more authentic desert experience to spot fascinating nearby wildlife within the perfect Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Watch the sun drop under the skyline as you watch a bird of prey take off around you. Your Bedouin camp, lit with the delicate flares of traditional lights is nestled inside a private Royal desert retreat.

The desert for tourists

In my mind the idea of a desert safari conjures up notions of Lawrence of Arabia or Wilfred Thesiger wandering over a desert wilderness on a camel. Not precisely a family activity you might think. But there is another form which is. It’s significantly less wild and independent, a lot more packaged and family friendly and ideal for tourists looking for an essence of everything desert without hazard. It’s a desert-in-a-day packaged experience, despite the fact that you will even now get sand in every one of your bits.

In my opinion you can’t visit Dubai without experiencing a taste of the desert. Why do it? Well, the desert is one of the worlds’s incredible wildernesses. Furthermore, there aren’t many of our wildernesses still with us. You need to experience real wilderness to know what it is to be alone and to understand your place in the world.

A Dubai Betrary trip is an essence of Arabia

If there is an essential activity in Dubai is the Desert Safari, so if you do not want your trip to be decaffeinated, you have to book one night to do this activity.

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