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Mountain Biking in Dubai, Adventures Activities to Do in Dubai, UAE.

Mountain Biking in Dubai

Dubai was simply not built for cycling, and there’s scarcely a hill in view, however for the several mountain biking devotees living in the city, there are still ways to enjoy and practice this rugged sport.

Andy Whitaker is one of the establishing individuals from Hot Cog, a propelled mountain bicycle amass situated in the emirate. The group has a developing participation, however a center posse of twelve or so standard riders take off to Shawka in Ras Al Khaimah every week to pedal through the area’s rough terrain.

The cyclists began as a cluster of expats who simply wanted to get together and cycle in Dubai, but the emirate’s particular lack of mountains, coupled with some crazy motoring on the streets, made the group look further afield for challenges. The dissatisfaction is that there’s no hills in Dubai except in Hatta and there isn’t much riding there, says Andy. ‘All the riding is done in Ras Al Khaimah.

Hot Cog Mountain bikers ride out every weekend, meeting in Shawka, and as Andy explains, it’s no easy weekend pedal. Hot Cog is part of the wider mountain biking community in Dubai,

KOM MTB is useful for newbies to the activity. Dubikers is likewise a good choice for beginners and empowers the less confident riders to improve. Somewhere else, Dirt Skirts was started by Andy’s wife, Angelika and is a group just for women who love the dirt and tracks of mountain biking too.

Top tips for safe mountain biking

1 Bring sufficient liquid when out on the road – you can become dehydrated very quickly.

2 Know how to repair your bike and punctures.

3 At all times wear a helmet.

4 Ride with the groups or friends to begin with rather than venturing out on your own. There’s no better way to explore the best trails. It’s easy to get puzzled out in the desert.

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