8 Rare and Important Wild Animals of India

India is so diverse in all aspects that it is referred to as a subcontinent. There are differences in terms of culture, tradition, food, architecture, art, dressing, religion and a whole lot of other things. Among all of these, there is the environment. On the extreme north of Himalayas is the snow covered mountains that is typically cold temperate. On the Southern tip of India, there is the tropical coastline. In between all of this, in the Western Ghats, you have the rainforests. The Sundarbans Delta Region of West Bengal is a mangrove forest and the Thar Desert in Rajasthan is arid. Given these kind of diversities, the wildlife in India is bound to be an experience that you would love. The differences in the kind of wildlife that you can spot from region to region is nothing short of astounding. Let us look in detail, a few amazing animals and plants of India.

Below is the list of seven most endangered species that you should see in India before they disappear

  1. The Royal Bengal Tiger

This Majestic animal, which is one of the largest members of the feline family is the national animal of India. Fierce and Majestic in its stance, this meat eating animal is the pride of India, literally! The Royal Bengal Tiger slowly transitioned to be endangered some time before 6 to 7 years. however, because of the effective and immense effects efforts of conservation, The Tiger population has been greatly restored. Places like the Kaziranga National Park, the Jim Corbett National Park, the earlier tiger reserve and the Tadoba National Park are places that have made their ecosystem congenial and convenient to conserve the Tiger population. The tiger is definitely the pride of India when it comes to wild animals.

tiger conservation reserve Park

  1. The Asiatic lion

In Africa, the Lion might be portrayed as the king of the Jungle. In India, the case might be a bit different. However, it is to be noted that India is the only region where the lion and tiger coexist. It is ecologically impossible for to Apex predators to be in a single forest region, but however, India defied that logic. The lions can be found in the Gujarat region, especially in the Gir forest. A lot of lions can be found in captivity in almost all the major physiological Gardens of the country. Sporting a distinct Vishal hair, the lion is one of the most Majestic features and place the pride of Gujarat.


  1. The peacock

Let it not be an unfair listing with other animals and no Birds. The peacock is probably one of the most Majestic birds that you can ever find. It might not be as my tea’s the ostrich, or the Emu, or the cassowary. However, the display of its tail feathers in all its magnificence is something that you can be holder for a lifetime. The intricate biomechanics of this display has been a subject of marble for the scientists and biologist. Although the mechanism is created to attract the meat, it is a picturesque site nevertheless. The peacock is found in distributed all through the Indian subcontinent and is also the national bird of India!

Peacock India

  1. Sarus crane


Nothing much can be said about this amazing aquatic bird. It is the tallest among the grains and is an expert official. It can typically be found in the South Indian water bodies because of the Tropical climate and the clarity of the water that makes it easier for this bird to cope with the temperature and to find the best fishes for its meal. This is the tallest flying bird and is applied to the South Indian states, especially the bird sanctuary of Vedanthangal which attract these birds in huge numbers.


  1. King Cobra

The king cobra is widely considered to be the deadliest snake. It is so venomous that a fully potent single strike is enough to kill 1 fully grown elephant, leave alone human beings. At the same time, it is also known to be quiet diligent and not to attack until provoked to the last limit. It is found distributed in the Western Ghats and is mainly concentrated in the Agumbe region of Karnataka. The Agumbe region has its own biodiversity research centre and is probably the best biodiversity hotspot in Asia. People like romulus whitaker have spent and dedicated their lives to study in this Majestic creature called the king cobra.

King Cobra

  1. Sea cow

This is one of the rarest animals and is quite a Marvel to watch. The Sea cow, otherwise known as the dugong is one of the most iconic animals of the Bay of Bengal. It was once quite abundant in the Gulf of Mannar biodiversity hotspot and is also the state animal of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is timid in its nature and is known to be quiet friendly towards humans and are altruistic by nature. It is perhaps this attribute of this amazing creature that led to the fears hunting and driving it to the point of almost getting extinct.

Sea cow
Source: Shutterstock
  1. Red Panda

All of us remember master Shifu in the kung fu panda series. The animal that is been portrayed as master Shifu is the Red Panda. This creature is more closely related to the fox done to the panda. It arrives in the Himalayan ecosystem and is a Scavenger of the forests in the Himalayas. It is fast and it is not very aggressive until provoked. This is typically the attitude of India and the Indian defence forces in that region!

Red Panda

  1. The Indian Elephant

This list would not be complete without the mention of the humongous elephant. Elephant is probably the only animal that is quite note on both ends for being a domestic sweetheart and also for being a wild Destroyer. The elephant is the heaviest land animal and the Indian Elephant is the second on this planet, just after its African cousins. The Indian Elephant is a part of many households especially in the state of Kerala.


we have just talked about a few animals that are typically awesome in India. India is made up of a lot of other exotic species like the Nilgiri langur, the Bison, The Otter, the Samba, the spotted deer, the camel and quite a lot of them that make India a wildlife lovers Paradise. With the abundance of national parks that can be found in almost every corner of the country, you are never away from an exotic wildlife experience which you can go ahead to explore just as a rustic adventurer or as a part of a properly organised a tour package.