Amazing Wild Animals of Australia You Haven’t Heard Of

Australia is a different place that is separated from the rest of the planet not only by its location but in multiple aspects. The aborigines of Australia have been innovative in a lot of things including the invention of The boomerang. This brings us to an important question as to why these aborigines needed to improvise their hunting equipment?

The answer lies in the Exotic wildlife of Australia. Australia is blessed or rather Cursed with a lot of Exotic creatures that cannot be found anywhere else on Earth. It is not just this chapter but also the fact that these wild animals venture into the urban areas that make Australia one of the scariest and adventurous places to live. You can’t describe the life of  wild animals in Australia.. This adventure is not confined to the small towns but also to highly urbanized cities like Sydney, Perth, Canberra, and Melbourne.

Here are a few exotic wild animals of Australia



The first animal that comes to the mind of people at the very mention of the word Australia has to be the kangaroo. Kangaroo is the national animal of Australia and it can be seen depicted in most of the official communication and representations of Australia.

The kangaroo is the largest marsupial and is endemic to Australia. The hopping capabilities of the kangaroo and the unique way in which the little kangaroos called the joeys to reside inside the pouch of the Mother’s is an astounding thing that makes Kangaroo a really weird and fascinating creature found in Australia.

Duck-billed Platypus

The Duck-billed Platypus is one of the most complicated creatures on earth. Sometimes, this Platypus is referred to as the most complicated and complex creature on earth. By definition, in Biology, mammals are the kind of living creatures That Give live birth to their young ones as opposed to many other creatures that lay eggs.

Duck billed Platypus - Australia

However, the duck-billed Platypus has been represented as an egg-laying mammal. It is the only mammal that has a beak like that of a duck. That is why it got its name. Might not be a really wild animal bite the fact that this complicated a creature exists in Australia is a thing of pride!

Inland Taipan

The Inland Taipan is the most poisonous snake on this planet. Unlike India which has only four varieties of poisonous snakes, Australia has more than 130 varieties of it. The most famous of them is the black mamba but it is not as dangerous as it is compared to the Inland Taipan. The Inland Taipan delivers so much when I’m in one single byte that it is enough to kill 100 fully grown human beings.

Inland Taipan - Australia

The Inland Taipan is generally Shahi snake and it does not Resort to attacking unless and until it is provoked by some and fair means and it only uses the venomous bite as the last resort. However, being proximal to such a poisonous snake makes the adventure of life more interesting and dangerous in Australia.

Koala Bear

if the teddy bears variant the mainstream cute expressions of bears, these koala Bears would have taken that place. These pairs look cute, to say the least, and have been known to be altruistic creatures that do not attack humans generally until provoked.

Koala Bear - Australia

Black mamba

The last point in this section has to go to one of the most feared and the most legendary creatures on this planet. Often giving a tough competition to the Inland Taipan in terms of being dangerous, the black mamba has become a symbol of Evil and venomous representation all over the world.

Black mamba - Australia

The Inland Taipan is shy and uses its white as the last resort. However, the black mamba, on the other hand, uses its white as the first attack option and generally can deliver multiple by injecting Venom which makes the attack more dangerous. the black mamba is fear summary fast and is quick to attack which makes it one of the most dangerous snakes.

The entire continent of Australia abounds with a lot of adventures and it includes the special category of things like the crocodile that you might find in your backyard and the birds like the Ammu and the cassowary which are significantly taller than you and can attack if provoked.

In all of this, Australia is still one of the most preferred places to visit for tourism purposes and even if not for a completely urban tour that visits the places like Sydney and Melbourne, you can even enjoy a tour of Australia that is full of adventurous activities. No wonder, the Australians, by default, have a content for wild adventures.

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